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Our history in the Manawatu and Tararua Districts dates back to 1884. With offices in Palmerston North and Pahiatua our firm stands on a long tradition of high standards and sound legal advice.

Our size means that every one of our clients are dealt with on a professional, yet personal basis.

We are also a member of NZ Law, a New Zealand wide group of independent law firms, which gives us access to further specialist knowledge, enabling us to ensure you get the very best legal and practical advice, in any situation.

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Guarantees and Indemnities
ADLS commercial lesae clauses
land transfer tax statement
building maintenance commercial property lease

Guarantees and Indemnities – What, Why and How?

A guarantee provides for the most part, surety in the case of an agreement between two parties. Guarantees and indemnities can be an area of law which cause confusion and uncertainty to many. Read More...

Lauren Fargher admitted to the bar

On Friday 2nd November at the Palmerston North High Court, the courtroom was filled to the brim for the admission of Lauren Fargher from our office and Brianna Freebairn (another local Palmerston North law graduate) to the roll of barristers and solicitors. Read More...

Melissa Bourke elected to NZ LAW Limited Board

NZ LAW Limited has announced the election of two new directors to its board – Melissa Bourke (Palmerston North) and Brent Winkelmann (Taupō). These appointments took effect from 5 October 2018. Melissa and Brent have taken the places of retiring directors Jacqui Gray and Michael de Buyzer. Read More...

Does the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Act effect your business?

New Zealand is one of the safest places in the world to live and carry out business, due to its extremely low levels of corruption. However, more than $1.35 billion is illegal laundered through our country each year. Read More...

90 Day Trial Period – What is it?

The 90 day trial period is a key component of employment law, yet employers and employees alike are often still in the dark about the purpose and function of the process. Read More...

Standout Clauses in the ADLS Lease.

This article covers some of the "stand out" clauses in the ADLS lease agreement that should be understood by tenants and landlords. Read More...

Land transfer tax statements

When selling a property, your lawyer will ask you to complete a document known as a Land Transfer Tax Statement. This article explains the process. Read More...

When leasing a commercial property, who is responsible for the maintenance?

Who is responsible for maintenance when leasing a commercial property? The starting point when determining maintenance responsibilities under a commercial lease is to take a look at the existing Lease agreement between the tenant and landlord. Read More...