Melissa Bourke BA, LLB

Melissa Bourke lawyerDirector and Notary Public

Melissa is a director of Innes Dean Lawyers and a Notary Public.

She is an accredited collaborative lawyer whose primary interest is doing everything possible to ensure families survive and thrive despite involvement in legal processes. Melissa aims at all times to give clear legal advice, transparent guidance as to legal costs and to be as efficient as possible.

She predominantly; assists families in succession, asset and estate planning, advises trustees of family trusts and officers of charitable entities and supports individuals to divide their relationship property with a former spouse or partner as collaboratively as possible.

Melissa has a special interest in the elderly people in our community and the promotion of their autonomy and welfare. She currently sits on the Lawyer for Subject Person panel, as established by the PPPR Act (Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988), in the Manawatu and appears in the Family Court when required for those matters, including in litigation matters where the decisions made by attorneys acting under Enduring Powers of Attorney are reviewed by the Court. She regularly hosts and speaks at education seminars or conferences, on topics such as the duties of attorneys or for those contemplating entering a Retirement Village.

Melissa is the current deputy chair of the board of directors of NZ LAW Limited.