Elder Law

What is Elder law?

Older couple considering legal advice

Elder law is when you put in place all the right documentation to ensure you are protected and ready for your senior years.

Don’t wait until you are in your 80s. You should start planning sooner.When you were young you had to make plans to be able to buy your first home. If you are in your middle 50s or early 60s  it is now time to plan where and how you wish to live when you are 80. It is never too late to get your affairs in order.

Don’t put off these discussions. We know that no one looks forward to aging but understanding what is available and having your affairs in order will reduce stress and panic for you and your family. Plan today to Protect tomorrow.

Rest homes, Licence to occupy and Villages:

Once the time comes we have expert staff who are willing to work with you and your family giving clear and sensible advice when you need to buy a villa or seek alternative care arrangements.  We will guide you through the terms set out in those lengthy village agreements and if you qualify for a government subsidy we can help you with the application.