Estates & Estate Claims

managing estate claimsWe have a caring and understanding team who work effectively with the family when someone dies.

We will guide the executors through the process of obtaining probate, assist you in collating the deceased’s property, making payments of the deceased’s accounts, distributing the estate in terms of the deceased’s Will and other personal issues.

The issues may not be difficult but can be time consuming.  Whether it is tax, debtors, WINZ, insurance, dealing with the deceased’s bank accounts, chattels and property we will provide the best way forward. We have a reputation for efficient and effective service.

Estate Claims:

  • What if you have an expectation to receive an inheritance but it was not provided in the deceased’s Will?
  • Or the family are not sharing information about an estate where you are a beneficiary?
  • What if you have been left out of the Will?
  • Are you feeling confused about a promise by the deceased that was broken?
  • Are the distributions under the Will just plain unfair?

Applying to court to obtain answers can be an expensive and long process. This is an option you may wish to avoid. We have an experienced senior lawyer who has extensive expertise in these areas and will help you.

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